[Data Grid] How to let GridColumnLink title show an icon instead of a text

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Published on 24 Aug by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 24 Aug by OutSystems R&D

I have in my datagrid a column with the GridColumnLink type. The URL behind it works fine when I click on the cell. The only things is, I want to put a paperclip icon in the cell. Now it shows the ID of the record. Is this possible? The paperclip icon is added by me as a resource but I prefer to point to the Richwidgets paperclip icon.

Hi Raymond,

please refer the screenshot below, yes you can add icon along with link in the datagrid and you can find the sample code as well:

Hi Manish,

this is not the GridColumnLink type in the example but the GridColumnDownload or GridColumnUpload. With these one you can't choose the icon next to it by the way.......