NextStep 2010 List of Topics and Speakers

NextStep 2010 List of Topics and Speakers

Hi all!

As the Next Step event date gets closer, everything begins shaping up. We have just closed the list of speakers and topics that our conferences on Day 2 will feature - and I can tell you, with so many quality applications, we had a hard time on settling for just the 14 presentations we had already scheduled. Luckily, we managed to get a healthy balance between customer, partner and OutSystems sessions. We hope you find it as well!

You can see more details on the full agenda here:

Also, if you are attending the Next Step event, OutSystems is hosting a networking breakfast where you will have the opportunity to sit on a table with people from OutSystems and discuss some of the current hot topics in the industry! Be sure to show up!

More news on the breakfast soon.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares
I'll be there!