I'm working in Reactive. I have a chart which has 2 y-axis. I want to set both y-axis dynamically because i want the value zero to be in the middle for readability.

as you can see the zero value is not alligned making the chart difficult to read.

What i tried is set local values where I use the abs() function to get to equal distributed values for both y-axis1 and y-axis2:

which are assigned after the onafterfetch of the aggregate. The values are added to the json:

but it creates an error:

Any advice??


Hi Bouke,

I don't have time now to look into it, but first thing that comes to mind : is it not a question of building up the string correctly with something like 



          min: " + Yaxis1format.MinValue.MinValue + ",

          max: " + Yaxis1format.MaxValue.MinValue + ",






that worked like a charm, thanks so much.

regards Bouke