Hello All,

i have one entity which i want to export every night. Is there is any job to create or ready to use?

I want automatically a job to download or send me through email every night.

Hi George,

You can create timer process in Outsystems for such jobs which needs to be scheduled.

please find the below link for reference.



Manish Jawla

Hi George,

As Manish said i provided some code for that.

1. Create a Timer and set as Daily Scheduled 

2. Create a action for send email like below image

3. in email1 provide attachment and Provide value send email and body and subject

and set Mime-Type="application/vnd.ms-excel"

Hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu

Thanks for your reply.

Clarify the point 3.

Let me know what actions needed to be done by me.

Hi George,

Add input parameter to your Email1 and set its data type to binary. And give this parameter to AttachFile1 as File Content. 

And value of this parameter is the output of RecordListToExcel.

Thanks for your reply

Somewhere is my mistake :(

Can you advise me?

Set data type to binary here:

I have already set it.

Can you advise me what to fill to the below field?

Oh, my mistake. You can't make binary email's input.

So let make it simpler.

Move aggregate and RecordListToExcel to Email1's Preparation before AttachFile. And RecordListToExcel's output will be AttachFile's File Content.

So, the BinaryData is needed? Or can i delete it?

Hi George,

It is not possible to pass binaries as input in an email, you will have to make a query to obtain the binary. I advise you to input the binary id and then make the query to get the binary after that just fill in the attachment fields with the query result.


You can delete it.


Here is an example.

Three steps:

  1. Timer calls SendEmail Action.
  2. SendEmail calls Email Page and specifies the To, From, etc.
  3. Email page on Preparation gets data, creates Excel and attaches excel to file.


Thank you All for your replies!

I have configure the additional details (i delete the password to the below screen for security reasons)

Is there something else to configure? 

I run immediately through Service Center (Factory -- > Module--> Run Now ) in order to test the fuctionality but no email received yet.

You can go to Service Center > Monitoring > emails and see if it was sent.

Have you configured email sending?

Yes i have. Also, i see that already sent

I check my spam/junk email folder and my inbox but nothing received yet.