[Crypto Library Plugin] Using Crypto library & Crypto api

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Published on 6 May by JohnGB
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Published on 6 May by JohnGB

I'm using Crypto Library in mobile app & Crypto Api in server actions. I want to use same AES key created using Crypto api, stored in site property. But when I compare cipher text generated with crypto library & crypto api, it seems to be different. 

Below steps I've followed to create Key & IV using crypto library -
1. Write server action to get AES key using crypto api AESREAD_key
2. Convert Binary key to text
3. Pass Key & key size as 32
4. Using encrypt function - encrypt data

When I try to decrypt cipher text using crypto api it is giving me "Array dimension exceed error".
I tried to convert cipher text with Base64 function but not getting expected result.

So how can i achieve this or what am doing wrong here.

Hi Akash,

We will look into this one. :)