Outsystems SEO URL block non Outsystems App

Hi everyone,

Currently our customer deployed application with SEO URL site rule to transform from URL https://mydomain.com/mymodule to https://mydomain.com , and then we are trying to deploy non outsystems app in the same IIS server, with URL https://mydomain.com/chatApp (web chat application). 

If the site rule set to disable, the chatApp is accessible from the browser. 

Is the site rule block non outsystems app to load from the same IIS Server? 

Note : We cant separate the Chat App in different IIS Server, because we need to avoid CORS blocking to iframe the Chat App into Outsystems App and access Document Window iframe Chat App from Outsystems to automate fill the form on Chat App.

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If you are saying "https://mydomain.com must point to https://mydomain.com/mymodule", https://mydomain.com/chatApp will be replaced by https://mydomain.com/mymodule/chatApp...

Currently I don't have a server to play with SEO Rules, but I've done something similar in the past. Let's see how it goes.

I was thinking about changing chatApp to a subdomain, but it would cause cross-reference issues.

If it was an OutSystems app, you simply needed to have the chatApp rule before the MyModule rule.
For non-OS apps, probably you can do the same in IISS, at ISAPI. Can you try that?