In lifetime deployment from DEV to QA I’m getting the following Log warning message:

Unable to find record metadata for the database record with key 'x' of the static entity 'Y'.

Note: the x and Y was replaced by me

Facts: the entity content wasn’t updated in QA.

To solve this issue I’ve search the forums and it’s recommended to create a new static entity and replace the old one.

But my question is what is the cause/causing this warning?

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Hello Diogo.

Well, the short answer is you messed with data.

Static entities are created to stay as they are. You may add records, but don't change them after publish.

Now OS is expecting a SQL table to match the static entity, but there is nothing like that. It is not the best approach, but users shouldn't alter data. Start from scratch (a new Static Entity, not a new module :) ) is the easiest way.


Static Entities are so sensitive that most experienced developers never use autonumber as id. Most use Text as key. You can use integer, but not autonumber please.

Next time, you create a new Record and delete the old one instead of editing ids. Still not perfect, but better.


Hi Nuno,

Thanks for the quick reply.