difference between setting datatype as an entity and entity identifier.

Can someone heIp me understand the Iogic of setting the datatype(basic datatype i know).But when it comes to setting entities and entity Identifiers as datatypes,I find it difficuIt to understand the Iogic.I know it is based on setting reIAtionships but stiII confused.I understand it is one of the basics of outsystems and wiIIing to understand it reaIIy cIear.


What i understand from your question as below

1.When you need to store/set Only the ID (PK) then you need to use Identifier like CustomerId

2.When you want to store/set all the attribute of the Entity then you can use Entity type like CustomerName,Addresss,Mobile etc.

Let me know incase you want anything else? 

Hi Remya,

Setting type as Entity is like holding complete object of that entity in your variable including all its attribute and their values.

But if you set Entity identifier as type it will only hold the id the entity record which you can use to fetch complete record from database.

For example if you have a list screen where a list of records is displayed. Upon click on any item you can redirect to another screen and pass identifier of that clicked record. Now on second screen you can use this input identifier to fetch complete information of the that record and display. 

But sometime you may need to pass complete object of any entity type to an action so that time you can set type of the input variable of action as entity type and pass while calling this action.

I have took example of input parameter to explain you one use case, there can be other uses as well.


Hi ,

Entity or Structure is compound data types. So when we set datatype Entity or Structure then it created with all attributes of that Entity or Structure. 



You can see in picture Test variable contains all attribute that Entity or Structure has.

 Now you can store value in Test variable by simply . Test.Id or Test.Name .... 

So , It has many use  during development .

E.g. If you want to create or Update Employee Entity or Just want to store Employee data in variable so that you can use it in your screen  by using assignment widget and put value to its particular attributes.

Entity Identifier is basic data type It is used to store Id of particular Entity in that variable. If you create attribute with datatype of entity identifier then it simply refrence (Foreign key) that Entity .