[Safari View And Custom Chrome Tab] SafariViewController is not defined
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May i know why this warning of "SafariViewController is not defined" will appear? I tried implementing the logic from the Sample Safari View and Custom Chrome Tab into my own app but i received this error. 

In my app, I used the SaveFile logic from File Plugin to get the URL, which i then pass it on to the Request.URL in the OpenAndroidChromeCustomTabs client action. Is there something that i am missing which caused that error? 

Edit: The file I am opening is a PDF and not a web browser, but it shouldnt cause the error of "safariviewcontroller is not defined" right?



Hi Jolene Kwek,

- Make sure you added the plugin as a dependency

- You generate a new build 

- Remove old build & Installed a fresh build on the device 

You might be using the old build that was generated before you added the plugin.

Hope it helps,



It's probably because the app was generated with MABS 7 and is being used on Android 11.

Known issue on SafariViewController :  https://github.com/EddyVerbruggen/cordova-plugin-safariviewcontroller/issues/179 

Had the same behavior. 


Artur R.

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