[Safari View And Custom Chrome Tab] SafariViewController is not defined

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Published on 23 Apr by assif_tiger
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Published on 23 Apr by assif_tiger


May i know why this warning of "SafariViewController is not defined" will appear? I tried implementing the logic from the Sample Safari View and Custom Chrome Tab into my own app but i received this error. 

In my app, I used the SaveFile logic from File Plugin to get the URL, which i then pass it on to the Request.URL in the OpenAndroidChromeCustomTabs client action. Is there something that i am missing which caused that error? 

Edit: The file I am opening is a PDF and not a web browser, but it shouldnt cause the error of "safariviewcontroller is not defined" right?


Hi Jolene Kwek,

- Make sure you added the plugin as a dependency

- You generate a new build 

- Remove old build & Installed a fresh build on the device 

You might be using the old build that was generated before you added the plugin.

Hope it helps,