[Ultimate PDF] Page break on a List Records/Heading Issue
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Hello, does anyone know how can I avoid these kind of page breaks?
Maybe a better way to display in the PDF?
And also, a method to display the header without entering in the "content" of the following pages (see iimage below)

Thanks in advance.

2020-03-23 19-26-24
Sydney Lai

Hey Edurado!

To double-check, are you displaying this as an image or as a .pdf file?

Additionally, don't forget to check your Widget Tree > Containers > Styles > Margin/Padding 


Hi Eduardo.

This can be accomplished using CSS page-break-inside: avoid. You can also try using the AvoidPageBreak web block from UltimatePDF.

Hi, Leonardo!

I'm with this issue too, but I'm using a list records with a web block inside. I've already tried using Avoid Page Break from Ultimate PDF and CSS page-break-inside: avoid , but without success. Is there any other way to make this work?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,

Eduardo Coelho

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