Network Requirements - IIS Monitoring

There is an alternative port to the following network requirement from outsystems configuration platform:

Front-EndFront-End80TCPIIS Monitoring
ControllerFront-End80TCPIIS Monitoring

For example, force to communicate thought port 443? if yes, how can I do that?  If no, why?

The case is, the customer wants to avoid any communication thought the port 80 in their infrastructure.




Hi James,

I’m afraid it’s not possible to force connections over port 443. Connection over port 80 is a hard network requirement and your platform management applications (like Service Center) and other crucial features won’t function without it. 

Here’s an explanation mentioned in this OutSystems success article:

OutSystems applications are always deployed to the Default Web Site (identifier 1). For this reason, the Default Web Site cannot be renamed, and must listen to on port 80 without any host headers.

Also this post mentions a response from OutSystems to someone who had the same question as you.

Hope this helps.