COVID-19 Community Response Update - May 8

Hello Community! 

Happy Friday, everyone! We're a few hours away of our well-deserved weekend, so bear with me :)

Project #22*

New project alert! That's right, after some time not announcing a new idea, we are finishing the week with a bang announcing a new app we are going to support. It will allow any restaurant to register and upload their menus in a simple way, and once the menu is online the customer just needs to scan a QR code and a PWA app will load the menu. This will avoid multiple customers touching the menus, less waste on discardable menus and investment on expensive devices such as tablets that wouldn’t last long if they are continuously cleaned with disinfectants.

*Although this is the 22nd project announcement, we’re only currently supporting 18 projects. This means we’re still able to support 2 more!

Criteria reminder:

  • Potential impact as measured by total population helped

  • Technical feasibility of using the OutSystems platform

  • Project team commitment to build and run the project

  • Availability of relevant subject matter experts in the team 

Have a great weekend!

Great choice. Simple and much needed!

This is a good idea to avoid the contamination between the clients touching the menus but also the restaurant need to adapt to receive the clients and keep a relative distance between the tables.

A good idea for times of isolation, and for the stomach to miss some little things!

Great Initiative ..way to go!