How to contact the OutSystems R&D team?

Hi guys,

I am trying to clarify a question with the R&D team about one of its components, I have already left a message on the component page and I did not get an answer, and when I try to send a message directly to them, an error occurs. Can someone tell me some other way to contact them? Because I need information about one of its plugins to understand if it supports a feature or if I will have to implement it. It is urgent people, if you can help me, I will be grateful.

Hi Miguel,

You could try asking an OutSystems MVP as they are able to contact the R&D team directly AFAIK.



Hi Nordin, I hope you are well and healthy. =)

True, I was looking to see if any of our fellow MVPs could help me with this issue. Or if by any chance, any member of the R&D Team saw this post. Let’s say I’m trying all the ways! =)


I'm on it!

There you go! Thanks Nuno :)

Hi Nuno, thanks in advance, so this is my issue:

I am currently working on an application to monitor patients with Covid-19.

I need to set up a video call system, and from what I had to see in the OneSignal documentation, it is possible to wake up the application, even if it is closed, using in the case of iOS VoIP and in the case of Android, sending notifications with high priority.

And I was trying contact R&D team to know if this component supports this feature?

  • if so, can you tell me how can i set this up?
  • if not, do you expect to have it in the near future? And do you have any alternatives that can advise me?

In summary, this will be:
I want to establish a video call, from a reactive web application to a Mobile application, this is no problem here, it is to open and establish a communication session, that Vonage even works more or less, although there are some problems. Now to establish this communication it is necessary to wake up the App, so that it starts playing. Just like when you call someone via whatsapp to make a video call.

If I have the background app open, it works more or less. But I really need to have this functioning. And I'm looking for solutions, and I wanted to understand if there is anything already implemented in the forge or not, I needed to know if the OneSignal that is in the forge supports VoIP and high priority notifications (according to the documentation I shared above), or if I have I go for a root implementation.

Thanks in advance.

Miguel, the team has been informed that there are questions here waiting for an answer.

Because it is an official component, you can ask in Support Portal under Development Questions.

(asking as a client the answer is faster than asking as an individual in the forum)

Many thanks Nuno, for your support and help... Flawless =)

I already sent an "message" to Support Portal. I will try through my contacts within OutSystems, I think it could be faster. I have super urgency in this, to be able to make available to hospitals and health services.

Thanks again for the help Nuno.