[File Plugin] I am not getting path from GetFileURI client action.
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Published on 16 Oct 2018

GetFileURI returns error code:1 "NotFound".

I am able to open a video on that  specified path with help of OpenDocument client action.

Please help .

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You'll need to provide much more detail than this to get some help Kamini. What were you trying to do? What did you try already that didn't work? etc, etc.

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I am trying to get the path from local Filesystem to Open a video.

In my local file system i have kept  "test.mp4" at path"/storage/emulated/0/product/12/test.mp4" to retrive that file,

i passed filename="test.mp4" and path="/storage/emulated/0/product/12" to GetFileURI client action.

I am getting error code :1 ,Not found.