Word,Excel ,PDF -- How can I online preview in browser?

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I have  word,excel , pdf .. , How can I preview  online in browser ? 

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There are no available methods to view Word and Excel documents in the browser via OutSystems. I also tried to find some external libraries that could provide this support but I have unable to find one. 

Best course of action is trying to integrate with Office Online and/or Sharepoint. These platforms have the capabilities to render the documents in question. 

edit: I just found a 3rth party that delivers something you could use, it's not free though: https://doconut.com/

Pdf should be easy enough, but the others are proprietary formats licensed by Microsoft. Browsers don't support directly reading these files so there won't be any easy solutions for this. Even Sharepoint which is developed by Microsoft themselves is really clunky and difficult to work with at times. 

I agree with Vincent, your best bet is integrating with Sharepoint rather than trying to reproduce it

Jack Bao wrote:

Hi, There, 

I have  word,excel , pdf .. , How can I preview  online in browser ? 

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You can use Forge component,



Hi Jack Bao,

As per the mentioned requirement, you only want to preview the word, excel, pdf file and to achieve this you can follow one of the below options (option 2 is more preferred)


1) You can use Google Documents' Viewer via an <iframe> to display a remotely hosted .doc/.docx.

2) Use the Microsoft Office 365 viewer

Refer this: stackoverflow Post

Check this:  Sample App

Note: You won't be able to edit the file while viewing it in browser. 

PFA - includes the .oml file

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Benjith Sam

One caveat to that is that those services must be reachable. We have tried to use them on client projects where clients had some crazy firewall configurations and those resources couldn't be reached. Sadly there's no way to host those previewers locally.