I am new to outsystems.

I know that Iist_navigation rich widget requires 

1.Refreshing data source

2.Ajax refreshing the associated tabIe record

3.Ajax refreshing teh navigation.

In the beIow question Ajax refresh not done for navigation resuIting in pagination error as per my understanding.

Can someone heIp me understand more.Can someone heIp me understand the beIow question.

Hi Remya,

Basically Ajax refresh will try to update the named container/widget. The point here is that either you should ajax refresh all the required containers/widgets in proper sequence OR ajax refresh the container wrapping all the required containers/widgets refresh.




First answer: is False because an accordion widget can be used inside a Widget List record.

Second answer: is False because the ResetStartIndex is only done when ResetPagination input parameter is true, and will reset the pagination. If it is not executed, the pagination will just changed according to the paging.

Third answer: is False, because not only the List_Counter but also the List_Navigation widget needs to be refreshed.

The third answer is correct because the List_Wrapper contains all widgets effected by the refresh of the GetEmployees aggregate: The Accordion, List Record, AccordionItem, List_Counter and List_Navigation. Without doing an ajax refresh the changes in the aggregate will not correctly be updated on the screen.