Generate Token of using Integration Studio

Hi everyone.

I am currently trying to use the in web for videocall feature. As of the moment I am struggling on connecting to

2020-05-13 10:05:37.455 +08:00: INFO: VidyoClient: Execute Main Thread: VidyoClient.js?_=1589364330942:1: t.Disconnect: ConnectionController: Disconnecting - "The token that was provided is unknown to the service or unauthorized to log in."

I have this error using my generated token. Attached is the C# file I tried to modify from

I hope you can guide me on this thing.

Hello Nino

I created a forge component Vidyo TokenGenerator to generate a token and tried to use the sample webpage to test the generated token. I was able to connect successfully. 

Please see the screenshot below 

Can you check using the sample test page, if your generated token is working. 

Hope this helps.