Checkbox in a query

Hi everyone,

I need to use a checkbox to show the applications that are different from their previous period. Therefore I made a structure attribate called changed (boolean), but now I want to let the checkbox work. I know how to do it in an aggregate, but for getting the data I'm using a SQL query, but can't find anything about using a checkbox with a query. Can someone explain me?



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I'm assuming you are putting the outcome of the query on a list.

Don't know about the use case, but lets says you have a list, you select a couple o checkboxes and then you hit a save button.

What you want is, when changing the checkbox, that boolean needs to be changed as well on the list, right?

On the checkbox, OnChange just change the boolean of the CurrentRowNumber to "not Changed" and then, when you click save, your structure should have all the values you've changed. By doing this, you only do a server call. In other hand, you have to iterate through each record and perform your logic.

Or, on change of the checkbox, you send the id of the record, fetch the record, and perform your logic there.

Hope it helps.