Dynamic routes with special characters - any way to not use URL encoding?

We consume some REST endpoints that can be dynamic - i.e. somerestservice/RestCall/{generatedroutebasedonsomething}

These are driven by configuration by a 3rd party and can be values such as "this+that"

Using postman the call GET "somerestservice/RestCall/this+that" works fine

When i try to do the same in outsystems it sends "somerestservice/RestCall/this%2Bthat" which fails

We have hundreds of similar calls - in query string (also supported) we have to send these parameters encoded, but when part of the route directly we cannot send it encoded.  Is there any way to differentiate and not encode certain URL parameters in outsystems?

Examples below:

"somerestservice/RestCall?SomeFilter="this%2Bthat" - This works

"somerestservice/RestCall/this+that" - This works (but cant get OS to send this way)

Hi Andrew,

You can handle & manipulate your URL path in OnBeforeRequest event of your REST API. Use URLDecode from this forge component and reassign the URL path.