css precedence doubt

For the above question ,answer is B.

PIease heIp me correct if my understanding is correct.

order of precedence is

1.InIine CSS




Option A :Wrong :Coz Base Theme cannot be edited.

option C and D : Wrong: Coz there are severaI buttons.(is there any other reason)

Option B : Is it correct because as per question the buttons are avaiIAbIe in different parts of the appIication?

PIease heIp me correct my mistakes and aIso add new points.

Well yes, B would be the right answer. If you change the OutSystems UI Base Theme, all apps will have that style available, not just that one. C and D aren't wrong per se, but very badly maintainable, so B is the right answer.

Hi Remya,

For the css load order you can take a look at this post.



Yes option B is correct.

The advantage for having  css in theme  are

  1. Easy to maintain your html page
  2. Change to the Look and feel will be easy and you can have support for many themes on your pages.
  3. Your css file will be cached on the browser side. So you will contribute a little on internet traffic by not loading some kbs of data every time a the page is refreshed or user navigates your site.

C- is doable but not recommended. for example,  if you have some changes in future in button class you have to go each and every page /WeBlock  to make that change available for your application and if you maintain that thing in theme the change in theme will reflect to all the buttons in your app.

D-if you keep your styles inline, you'll regret the maintenance load later.