Check if a value exists to String List

Hello All,

I have a vaiable named "Test" which has random values with the  below format:

xxxx-xxxx-xxxx where xxxx are numbers (integer)

Also, i have an entity attibute named "GetDeltia_Status.Record.Deltia_Status.Deltio".

My request is to check if the GetDeltia_Status.Record.Deltia_Status.Deltio exists in Test variable, and if yes then to remove it.

So, i split the Test variable in string list to split the Test variable to the list with the below format




Then i set a condition to search the GetDeltia_Status.Record.Deltia_Status.Deltio value if exists to Test. And if yes, i add a "ListRemove" to remove this position and value too. Finally, i set to Test variable the new value without the GetDeltia_Status.Record.Deltia_Status.Deltio (if of course the GetDeltia_Status.Record.Deltia_Status.Deltio exists)


The Test variable has the value 1567-4323-6543.

The GetDeltia_Status.Record.Deltia_Status.Deltio has the value 4323.

The Test variable value must be changed to 1567-6543.

Unfortunately, executing the below action, the Test variable value is 4323. Where is my mistake? 

Why not use a TextReplace for this? Seems a lot easier to me

Hello George.

You are returning List.Current. That returns only one element.

You probably want to save a concatenation of the elements (String_Join does the reverse of String_Split)

Thanks both for your reply.

@Nuno i want to "replace" the Text with the List of Text excluding the GetDeltia_Status.Record.Deltia_Status.Deltio 

@Vincent Can you advise me how to implement your approach?


My suggestion is that you take the element like you were doing, but in the final assignment instead of String_Split.List.Current.Value, you save 


You can use Replace like Vincent mentioned: 


But beware that this will leave the separators. You can have it at the beginning, at the end or two consecutive in the middle. So probably you need a second replace for that...


This replace will deal with it, by removing the string and one separator next to it only once.


Nuno Reis wrote:


Thanks for your reply and advise!

Using your suggestion, there is an issue. Take a look to the below example

The Text has the values

Upon executing your suggestion, i select to remove the string 77777(the string with 5 digits) and  the Text changes to the below

Any advise on this pls?

In your previous example, all blocks had the same size.

Do the split. it is easier than building the rest of the logic.

Here's how I'd do this...

String split, spits out a Text Record List, if I'm not wrong. Iterate through that comparing each one to the Test string. If there's a match, List Remove that element. At the end, re-concatenate all remaining Text Records using a hyphen as a joiner. 


You have your answer already.

But as an alternative you could use some kind logic with regular expressions in your applications with Regex_Replace or Regex_Search actions from the Text extension.

For one of the cases you mention you can use:

Best regards.