[Microsoft Login Connector - Traditional Web] Sharepoint Connector - Unauthorize issue when call GetClient
Forge component by Paul Davies

I am new to Sharepoint integration and I am following these step to retrieve the list from Sharepoint:


However, when I consume the service, I am getting following error:

Question 1: Is there any additional setting/configuration required at sharepoint site to have this work?

Question 2: I need to create a schedule job/process in Outsystem to pull one of the Sharepoint list's item every x hour. Others than using the method documented inside the link shared, is there any other method can be use?

Thank you!

Hi Jelyn,

The linked document goes into detail for application authentication, something that is not possible (yet) with the Microsoft Login Connector. So if you want option 2 then you need to follow the instructions of your document. 

Should you want user based authentication then please make sure that you have added permission from your Azure AD application to Sharepoint Online or Microsoft Graph. Don't forget to also specify the resourceId of either environment when you request the token! This is documented with our component and the default resourceIds are already available for these applications.

Please note that you are have raised a question in the support section of the Microsoft Login connector. We have no association with the document you linked. If you want to get support for that then please create a regular forum thread. 

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