Showing the file name on screen (Reactive Web App)


I would like to show the name of the file that has been uploaded on the screen for a reactive webb app. I've seen how they do it for a traditional web app, but the upload widget on the reactive web app version doesnt have a filename property to use in any way.

Any ideas how to solve this ?


Hi Jari,

In Reactive Web the upload widget has a Filename property for which you could set a Local Variable that holds that value.

You could then use that Filename Local Variable in an expression inside the Upload Widget to display the selected filename.

As you can see, it works at runtime:

Hope this helps.




Hello Jari,

When you use the Upload widget, you have a property called File Name where you should define a variable. That variable holds the name of the file. You can define a local variable to hold this name and show it in the screen.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

@Nordin thank you ! It works i only had to drag the local variable to the screen!

You're welcome Jari! 

Indeed, that is one of many nice accelerators that come with the platform. :)