Dynamic sort in grouped fields on a react app


I need to group some attributes in the list screen aggregate of a react application and sort them on the table widget, but the problem is that the dynamic sort is not working even passing the grouped attribute name.

There's something I'm missing?

Sample steps:

  • Created the screen using the platform scaffolding;

  • Grouped the attributes on screen aggregate;

  • Changed the table header sort attribute to the grouped one.

I have not changed anything on the table sort handler, since it was created automatically by the platform.

Hi Weverton Silva,

Find this oml.

its working. Check URL- https://rahul-sahu.outsystemscloud.com/GroupedAggregateSort/Persons


Rahul Sahu

Thanks for the response Rahul Sahu,

I cant see any differece on your oml and the one I sended (besides the RichWidgets reference that's not being used).

You changed something to get it work?

Hi Weverton Silva,

i didnt changed anything in this it may be cookies issues.


Rahul Sahu

I found this issue when developing a screen to a client and the table there was not working to any end user (not just for me).

The sample oml I sended here is one that I created just for this topic and encontered the same problem on any new screen created using the steps I mentioned.

Just to be sure, I sended the original link of the oml to some friends to see if it is working for them and its not, so I don't think its a cookie issue.

Here is the link of the oml I attached running on my personal:


I happened to solve this by deleting the dynamic sort of the scaffolding aggregate and adding it again. Creating a new screen aggregate seems to solve it too. 

But I still think something is not right here.

To add more information:

The platform seems to not be adding the ORDER BY clausule on the aggregate  of the scaffolding

While the aggregate with the dynamic sort readded do