It is observed that tab controls are not behaving properly inside a popup dialog. Is this a known issue ?

Steps to reproduce.

  • Create a test web block.

  • Create a test page, add a popup and inside the popup add the above test block. Here you will see all the tab contents were stacked instead of rendering on respective tabs.

  • Now add the test block directly in the page and you can see it behave as expected.

So is this a bug or should it be done differently to behave as expected ?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Siya,

it's a bug in Outsystems UI 2.4.2.

see this post, where I got the same problem on upgrading outsystems ui.




Thanks Dorine. Will find an alternative till this is fixed.


don't know if OS is aware of it though, I for one didn't file a bug report.

So if you need it for professional project, maybe see if they know about it.


Lets see if some one from OS reply to this.