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Published on 2019-10-08 by Eduardo Luís
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Published on 2019-10-08 by Eduardo Luís

Hi There,

i see two options in select2  class  and select2 settings, can you please give me more details what are these?


Hi, they are both optional input parameters.

1. Class can be used as an alternative to the ElementId

Element Id will be the Name property of the Dropdown field. Class is the name of a style class you use on the Dropdown elemento. With class, you can add the Select2 webblock to your WebSreen only once, and it will be applied to all the Dropdowns that have the same style class.

2. select2Settings is an advanced configuration parameter

You can use, for example, minimumInputLength to set the Number of characters necessary to start a search.

Look at the Description of the parameters to have a good understanding of their use.

Hope it's helpful.