In Service Center, republishing an old version of module now uploads a new version?

Hi everyone!

Just noticed in Service Center (11.8.0) a different behavior than previous versions (11.0.6, 10.0.1021):

Now, when you republish a previous version of a module, a new version is uploaded to the server (I am assuming that this new version contains the same content)! Please see the images below.

I tried to find in the Release Notes of the Platform Server (here) if this was an intentional change but I couldn't find anything. This seems to be an incorrect behavior...

Anyone has more information on this? I have not yet tried to contact OutSystems about this.

--Tiago Bernardo

Figure 1 - P11 (11.8.0), a new version is uploaded.

Figure 2 - P10, the previous version is republished and becomes the current published version.

Figure 3 - P11 (11.0.6), able to republish a previous version.


What we see a lot is, when there is a major platform upgrade, the running version gets republished. Old SC adds a small comment, but apparently the new one is not that helpful.

I did the same test as you. Expanding that Upgrading section, it says no OML upgrade was needed (but I know DB had changes, so at least that was changed). It may be a lack of information situation, but you should ask support.