Hi All,

I am looking for some help with respect to the API query language implementation in OutSystems. The ask here is to have an ability to filter the required data from the API both while requesting and reading the response. There are couple of posts around this and an idea as well but no concrete updates on either of them. Thought of checking with the team if someone has done any progress on this. Thank you.





Hi Akshay,

Did you check OData Utils forge component?


Hi Akshay,

The answer to your question is that is no build-in support in OutSystems for GraphQL or OData. 

You can use OData endpoints in OutSystems, but there are no accelerators or build in actions that help you quickly define the query strings. As Swatanta already pointed out there is a Forge component that can help with this.

You can vote on ideas posted by other community members, then maybe OutSystems will decide to build in support for these 2 technologies:

OData related ideas:

GraphQL idea:

OutSystems is currently NOT working on any of these ideas, although two of the OData ideas are marked as "On Our Radar" which means they are monitoring the support for theses ideas more actively. Voting on it will help!




Thank you, Daniel and Swatantra for responding. I am checking the OData forge component and also exploring the GraphQL. I am already following the ideas part. This helps to move forward.