PDF from html in Reactive App

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask for a recommendation of a plugin for html to pdf conversion. We have used html2pdf in Outsystems web apps and looking for something similar. Unfortunately, html2pdf does not seem to be compatible with Reactive apps.

We tried Ultimate PDF, but using it would mean send every detail through text AND the position on the pdf (x,y coordinates).

We tried PDF Generator as well, but we can't use it because it needs to download data from google and our security wouldn't permit that.

Is there any plugin similar to html2pdf that works for Reactive apps?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Panos,

Did you trout out the following component written by OutSystems MVP Kilian Hekhuis?


Although it is written for Mobile, it works when you run the app in the OutSystems Previewer, so no mobile plugins are used. I am pretty confident it will also work for reactive web apps.



Thanks Daniel for your suggestion! I will try it and see how it works!

After checking the component, I have the following comments:

  • It does create pdf in Reactive app BUT has serious issues with language when it's not English (displays some weird characters which are unreadable)
  • It has serious issues with the format of the document (e.g.text is placed outside of the borders on the pdf, while on the screen is inside). 

Unfortunately I don't have time to solve the issues stated above, so I have found another solution, by creating a separate espace that is web based and calling html2pdf to export pdf from that espace only.