We are considering how much server resources we should prepare for our users.

We found two different documents regarding this point.

Sizing OutSystems Platform

This shows Production Environment server should have 4 core CPU and 12GB RAM per 40 requests / second.

Massibly Scaling Mobile Apps

This document gives load test results on AWS. The results show a Front-end server with 4 VCPU and 16GB RAM can handle 750 requests from mobile application per second.

There may be differences in application types and environments, but I think the difference in numbers is too large. Is there anyone who knows which number is correct or the cause of the differences?

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Junji Watanabe


The maximum number of requests for reactive (mobile) are different than for traditional web application request. That is probably explaining the different numbers. As both documents are official documentation from  OutSystems you should be able to assume they are correct.



Hi Junji,

I think Daniel has mentioned about the differences about the type of applications and thus, the difference in the specifications as well. However, I would recommend reaching out to OutSystems support for this based on the following:

1. The config I received from the OutSystems team were slightly different than those listed here https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Maintenance_and_Operations/Designing_OutSystems_Infrastructures/02_Sizing_OutSystems_Platform

2. If you are building a Service Application to expose APIs for consumption and willing to deploy in separate environment then in my opinion the above documentation would not be appropriate.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your reply. 

I’ll try to estimate the needed resources on our application mix.


Junji Watanabe

Hi Akshay,

Thank you for your reply.

I'll try to reach OutSystems support.


Junji Watanabe