[CKEditor Advance] Deprecation of CKEditor Advance

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Published on 1 Apr by Prasad Rao
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Published on 1 Apr by Prasad Rao


Since CKEditor (https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/97/ckeditor) now support all the features of CKEditor Advance (https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/7146/ckeditor-advance), the CKEditor Advance component has been deprecated. In order to keep CKEditor Advance seperate from CKEditor component, CKEditor Advance was using separate set of tables to store the uploaded content and below are steps to be taken to migrate from CKEditor Advance to CKEditor.

  1. Change your application to refer the CKEditor instead on CKEditor Advance
  2. Refer the attached OML, which contains three timers to migrate the uploaded content and point the links to download page in CKEditor
    • StartMigrate: This can be used as is, which will migrate the FILE table content from CKEditor Advance module to FILE table in CKEditor module
    • MigrateContent: This timer read first 100 records from FILE table from CKEditor Advance, moves the FILE_CONTENT table content from CKEditor Advance module to FILE_CONTENT table in CKEditor module, Delete the FILE and FILE_CONTENT row from CKEditor Advance module and start the timer for next batch or start timer to update application data
    • UpdateLinkInTextContent: This time is application specific and need to be run all the modules where ckeditor html data is stored to update the link to point to CKEditor module instead on CKEditor Advance module.


Thank you for your effort. First doing it, and now migrating to another.

Agreed. Thanks for this Prasad. :)

Nice. Thanks, Prasad

Hey, thanks Prasad for providing this advanced component to the community and now helping with the migration.