can use outsystems Microservices in external sources like traditional frontend coding technologies like react, angular & vue? incase yes what about endpoints? thanks in advance

Hi Ahammed,

OutSystems since version 11 promotes to that you can build a with OutSystems microservice architecture.

There are also some articles written by community members, under which OutSystems MVPs Marco Arede: and Paul Schmeddes:

To consume a microservice (developed in technology different than OutSystems), you can consume the API of that microservice like any other REST service.

That being said, what do you need? Isn't a Spring Boot just a REST web-service? if that's the case, you can integrate by consuming the REST API from OutSystems directly (check the Logic tab of Service Studio, Integrations folder, REST sub-folder). You have a lesson and exercise on how to do this on the online training.