Reactive WEB app only supported by chrome and Edge but in IE ,Firefox, looks weired?

Hi ,

We are developing a Reactive Web app, that is fully supported by Chrome and MS Edge. But its not looking good  or compatible with IE and Firefox browser.

Anyone please help me to do necessary steps to make it compatible with other browser in terms of look and feel/UI and other fields.

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Dileep Verma.

Thankfully IE is finally as good as dead and only represents less than 5% of global market and on the rapid decline. So I woulnd't move a muscle to ensure compatibility unless someone is willing to pay the big bucks.

Firefox is more worrying though. What kind of stuff are you having problems with? "help me make it compatible" is a little too broad

Paulo Cação wrote:

Hi Dillep,

Check this article:

And this plugin (referenced in the article):



Thanks, Paulo Cação for sharing our article and Forge component!

Hi Dileep Verma,

Almost issues with the IE is regarding the CSS Variables because IE doesn't support them.

Start by adding the script ie11CustomProperties.js and check your application!

Some widgets are not available like flip content but you can use the function IsInternetExplorer to hide or add other widget supported by IE.

If you need more details feel free to ask.