Table Navigation and Sort Combination Issue

I seem to be having a problem combining both the table navigation and sort column functions of RichWidgets.  I can get both items to work correctly individually, but when I try to combine them, the problem becomes that when I click on the Next link of the navigation, the table updates with the new data, but the navigation link still says that it's on the first page and I can't go back to a previous page.  I followed the instructions that were listed in the Paging & Sorting portion of the excercise located at:

to build this application.  As far as I can tell, I have all of the information correct, but I certainly could be mistaken.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have included a test project I built so that you can view the issue itself.  I'm currently using the version of OutSystems to build this application.


Hi Joshua,
I see your application and in your refreshTable action you forgot to refresh the ListNavigation.
You can put a container around the Table Record and the ListNavigation, in the refresh action instead of refresh only the Table record, make the refresh action point to the new container.

Don't forgot to give a name to the container, only appears in the refresh action if haves a name.


Thanks for the response.  I added a container like you advised and it is now all working correctly.  Thanks for all your help.