[Speech Recognition Plugin] Security and offline support

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Published on 2019-01-24 by Hugo 
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Published on 2019-01-24 by Hugo 


First thanks for developing this plugin and making it available for others. 

I have one question,I tried many times offline in my Android device it is working without internet. But in the page of the plugin it is written that Internet Connection is required. https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-discussions/2123/Speech+Recognition+Plugin

In terms of security, does the speech go to someone's server or it just works on the local device itself ? because if it works without internet then it means is not communicated on the internet. 

But here and I searched on Google they say that webkit speech (Web Speech API) works online only.



As per my understanding, Internet is needed to download the language files, if the language file is already available then no internet connection is necessary.