How to deserialize JSON data?

Basically I'm creating microService which received data in JSON format.

My question is - 

1)How to Deserialize that Received JSON data ?

2)How to stored that  Deserialize value into variable?

3)How to stored that  Deserialize value into Database?


Hi Harshali,

Please provide some more details, like what version of the Platform are you using? What have you already tried to achieve? Have you looked into the Platform's REST capabilities?


I'm using outsystems service studio 11.

Suppose i'm passing some json data using Postman to a microservice (microservice created in outsystems platform).

1)can we received json data coming from postman in microservice?

2)can we deserialize json data and stored in variable or database?

can anyone provide me document which help me to Deserialize json data?

Hi Harshali.. A friendly recommendation.. You should go through the various guided paths around development..a lot of your questions are very basic which would be answered there..


Hi Harshali,

Please check the below video url:

it will help you to understand how to handle json in Outsystems.


Manish Jawla


Hi Harshali,

Instead of focussing on JSON, I would look into the way OutSystems allows exposing REST services. So please ignore Manish's post above, and check this documentation.

In general, you do not want to handle JSON yourself, but instead let the Platform handle it for you.

thanks for reply

my question is - 

suppose i'm passing json string from postman and I want to received json string into Rest API in outsystem then

how to received that json string in Rest API and How to Deserialize the json string?

Hi, in my add dependence, i can't find the JsonData Dependence to add im my project.. How can i add this dependence, to use the return data to deserialize to my entity ? Thanks


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