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How to create a zip file and set the zip file password with the BigZip plugin

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I can see the BigZip extension has a ZipCreate action with has a Password input which you can use.

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The component has a doumentation section explaining it:

To create a new ZIP archive, use ZipCreate. It has three, optional, Input Parameters:

  • FilePath - the path to the ZIP file to create, including it's name. If you do not specify one, BigZip will create a temporary file in the temporary directory of the Server (probably C:\Windows\Temp).
  • CompressionLevel - determines the effort BigZip uses to compress the files you add. 0 is the least effort, 9 the most. The more effort, the slower BigZip will be, but the smaller the end result is. The default value is 5, which is a good trade-off between speed and compression. Note that this value won't be used until you actually add a file to the archive.
  • Password - optional password for protecting the ZIP archive. If you specify a password, the password is needed to extract a file from the archive. Note that regardless of whether a password is specified, the file names are always visible (e.g. in Windows), so it's not a full protection.

Dear Nuno,,

On the Outsystems platform ver 10 this codingan works and is successful

Now we use the platform ver 11.8.0
I think there are many changes from this BigZip plugin and I don't really understand using it. Can I get an example that can already be used in an OML file?