[Printer Plugin] UIWebView references on latest stable

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Published on 2018-10-08 by Luís Rondão
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Published on 2018-10-08 by Luís Rondão

Hello, team,

We have found references to UIWebView on this plugin's latest stable version. The good news is that the Git repository already has released version "0.8.0" removing them.

Can you update your latest version to be compliant?

Best regards,



Hi Carlos,

I've uploaded a new version that uses the latest release of the Cordova plugin.

It's still marked as "Under Development" since it was only validated with a really simple sample page.

Are you able to validate this version with more complex scenarios?


Hello, Luis,

After checking the contents of the "APPPrinter.m" file on tag "0.8.0", the only one containing the references originally, I can safely say that this version has no more references (one of the issues in the repositories also echoes this).

Regarding usage of the plugin in more complex scenarios: since we became aware of this from someone who was using the plugin on their app, but have no development context, we don't have enough experience to be able to help.

Having said that, I believe leaving it as "Under Development" is the right call.