I am trying to utilize the Add All Methods functionality from Adobe Sign REST API, but I an somehow unable to obtain the JSON file from their Swagger API documentation page.


Is there something I am missing.

Hi Jeremy,

I had a quick look at the Swagger API documentation page of Adobe Sign. If you click on the Raw links under Resources and Operations, you will get to see the Swagger JSON. 

Unfortunately, it is a Swagger 1.2 specification and in order to use the Add All Methods option in Service Studio it needs to be Swagger 2.0.

Hope this helps!



Hi Jeremy,

Looking at that page I see the documentation is generated with swagger version 1.2, I think OutSystems will only work with version 2.0 or 3.0. So even if a swagger file would be publicly available, I doubt you can import it correctly in SS.

To get to the JSON click on the raw link for each method.




Hi Jeremy,

The swagger files from version 6 can be found at https://github.com/karthik-uc/AdobeSign-OpenAPI

Unfortunately, they are swagger version 1.2 files so you need to convert to version 2.0. To do that you can use the following tools:

https://lucybot-inc.github.io/api-spec-converter/ or https://github.com/LucyBot-Inc/api-spec-converter

After that you'll be able to import the file in dev studio. I have attached a converted file in attachment.

Note: you will get the error bellow but don't worry the methods were created and you just need to update the Base URL to point to your server.


I have also converted the file at https://secure.na1.echosign.com/restapijson/v6/restapi.json and I'm attaching the result.

Thanks all.