Issue in emails sending to BCC

Hello  Developers,
   I'm try to send email with BCC adrress. Even I added BCC address in email, It not shows in servicecenter. Email log shows only From  and To. But bcc isn't shown. . Anyone can help me this issues?

Thanks for yourtime.

There re two parts to this. If you are not even seeing anything in the BCC fields in SC logs better to deubg and see.  It should always log your recipients.

Just a heads up. There have been instances where you see BCC marked in logs but the actual email is not triggerred. Now this is a problem with the SMTP service you might be using. 

If you still face the issue better to provide a sample for us to look into and suggest better,  


Hi Phyo,

Please set "Log Content" property yes in email thay you are able to see CC/BCC address in SC.

Hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu