[InAppBrowser Plugin] Getting "InAppBrowser is not defined" while checking the application through mobile
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
Published on 09 Jan 2020


I am using InAppBrowser plugin in the application to have a redirection to the specific website or an application which is available in my mobile but getting "InAppBrowser is not define" error.

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Hi Anusha Reddy,

We have to generate a new build when we add a new plugin to the project.

  • Generate a new build
  • Install it on device & test

Note: Any of the forge cordova plugin doesn't support on the browser.

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Hi Anusha,

Make sure that the target in the OPEN client action set to "Entities.Target.System"

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Can you please debug it, whether it is showing the Plugin.available is TRUE or FALSE 

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Hi Anusha,

In this case you need to uninstall and install the plugin again.

After this generate the app in the native platform and check it in your mobile device. 

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Are you debugging via Browser i.e Simulator?

Make.sure to generate n install new build n then debug via device.

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Guess the build  she is using is the old one i.e generated before adding plugin.

That's what I advise her initially to better have a new build n then install it on device freshly.

And never test plugins on Simulator as they don't support on it.

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Hi Irfan and Assif_tiger,

It is working now the redirection is happening through mobile. Thank you so much for helping me to solve the issue.

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Hello Anusha,

Just some quick notes for the future (some of them Assif and Irfan already told you):

1) Everytime you add a new plugin to your application, you need to generate new builds again (APK file for Android and IPA file for iOS). If you don't generate new builds, even though you have the code for the plugin, the plugin won't work. It needs to be added to the APK / IPA files.

2) Make sure that you are always testing the last version. Everytime you generate new builds, you should test these new builds. In order to do this, you should uninstall the old application from your testing device(s) and install the newer version.

3) A plugin is a module that acts as a wrapper for an Apache Cordova plugin and enables you to use native mobile features. So, they run only on mobile devices and they don't run on browsers. That's why you will never be able to test a plugin using a browser. Every single Check<Plugin>Plugin action will return False if it's running via browser.

4) These same rules apply when you change the name, the icon or the extensibility configurations of your application. In these scenarios, you need to generate new builds again in order to see the changes.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas