How to get a feedback message while triggering the timer by using button

I have just created one server action inside the action i added the feedback message and I assigned this server action into the timer. Then I  have created the one screen action inside this screen action i am calling the timer.The process is running completely but I didn't  get the feedback message. 

Hi Seetha,

Timers are run asynchronously by the server in a different session. You can trigger them from your screen logic, but you don't know when it will run. 

If you have a feedback message in the timer, that will never show on the screen.The timer doesn't know where to show the feedback message, since it is in a different session. In your screen action you can show a feedback message that the timer has been triggered. If you want to show if the timer has run, you will have to actively have to keep checking if the timer has run, for example by checking a flag stored in the database. It is not possible for the timer to let your screen know it has run.

Yeah I understand your valid point thanks Orla Dijkink.



Hi Seetha,

Timers execute asynchronous logic and therefore the feedback message will not show if you wake the timer from a screen action since that logic runs synchronously.

There is a way to show the feedback message on the screen when the timer has finished executing its logic, but it would require a few steps (including some javascript) that are mentioned in this post

Given the information from your Community Profile Page I think you are fairly new to OutSystems so this might be too complicated.

Hope this information helps a bit.



EDIT: I had this post open and I got caught up in some work. I now see my dear colleague Orla has already provided you with an excellent answer!

Hi Seetha,

I recommend you have a look at the links in Nordin's post. If you are working with timers there are a few things you need to understand so you can take advantage of all the benefits.

Great additions to my answer Nordin, thanks! 

Just to complete all this information from our colleagues, please look a bit into outsystems documentation: