How to Eliminate Module Name from URL

We have a deployed site with a URL like  After going to that URL and logging in, the URL becomes  How do we eliminate /client_web_app from the URL.  The client does not want to see it.


Hello Steve.

You can configure alias or simply remove sections of the URL by following the steps in

Thanks Nuno, but I am unclear how exactly to remove it from the post login URL.  An Alias would just provide an alternative module name.  Redirects would rely on the client to address it.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


If under Site Rules you set that module to be default, it should work.

Remember that this will override all paths, so to get into other modules (Service Center, Users, etc) you need to:
1) set rule for them and place them above this one

2) or use a domain alias to reach the server.

Thanks Nuno.  Unfortunately, we already have that rule in place.