Jmeter - user based application testing

I am at the beginning stages of creating a Jmeter load test for our Outsystems application.   Our app requires users to login and then they have the ability to view a variety of pages which all serve up different content.

I'm trying to figure out how to handle the user login part of the load test.   Lets say I want to have 200 concurrent users browsing different screens, normally we would just set 200 threads but the login portion is giving me trouble.   Once our test userID is logged in the next user(thread) is essentially already logged in, correct?   I feel like I must be overlooking something because this particular testing scenario is not unique and there must be a way to load test without creating 200+ test users so they can actually log in concurrently.

Anyone dealt with this?

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Hi Josh,

Did you see this Webinar on Load Testing OutSystems Mobile Apps with JMeter? Maybe there is something useful in there for you.

Hope this helps.



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Hi Nordin,

Webinar is not clear at the end where prepared blazemeter test plan is discussed.

Is there any reference to check that please?

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I have not seen it, I will give it a watch and see if it fills in the blanks for me.