Is posting my mobile apps on the Google play store free?


Is posting my mobile apps on the Google play store free?


Hello Rashed,

Posting apps to Google Play is free. Google has only a one time $25 registration fee which you need to pay before you can upload your first app.

Hi Rashed,

As Nuno decribed, 

you want upload app on google store of your personal env or any other env.

If you think upload app of your personal env i suggested dont do it because if personal enc has limited feature and storage and transaction is increase than outsystem has stop your personal env.


Rahul Sahu

Based on other posts I've been told that the Personal Edition can be used for commercial purposes without violating any licensing.  You do need to keep the following in mind.

Database - size is limited to 1 GB - there aren't many commercial applications that can manage that limitation

Number of Users - the hardware available for your personal environment is limited so depending on the application and your response time needs the practical number of users will be an issue, though the platform itself has no limit.

Service Level - there is no guarantee that the service will be running 24/7 though my experience has been very good.  Also, there is no database backup capability which again no commercial application would normally be OK with.

How to Publish an App on Google Play: A Step-by-Step Guide

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