[Firebase Mobile] Having a different PackageName for Android & iOS

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Published on 26 May by Patrícia Glória Ferreira
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Published on 26 May by Patrícia Glória Ferreira

Greetings Folks,

Due to some reason I have to keep the AppIdentifier of iOS & PackageName of Android different for the Same  Application.

I already set up the Firebase Apps with respective different package names.

Would there be any issue if I add 2 google-services.zip in a resource with respective package-prefix & each zip having only one file i.e either info-Plist or JSON for the respective platform?

Thanks in Advance,


HI there,

That's the correct way of dealing with different app identifiers :)



Hello David,

Yep, I did the same & it works like a charm :)

But the only thing is I have to keep both JSON & pList files in both zips for each Identifier.