Discussion [How to handle permissions in Webscreens]

There are two ways for checking permissions in a webscreen:
  1. Executing all Check[Variable]Permissions in the preparation
    and then if you'd like to check for a permission (e.g. on a Delete / Edit button), refer to the 'retrieve permission actions' in the preparation
  2. Executing the Permission Function Check[Variable]Permission(UserId:) at runtime
    which might cause extra (unneeded) database queries when used in a Listing
I would really like to know whether the second option really leads to multiple selects on the
database if executed in a Listing on e.g. the Delete and Edit button.

I can imagine that permission actions on a UserId (are / can be) cached as part of the Session of a user which
would enable checking for this permission through the Platform Server's memory a lot lighter.

Option 2 I think is more clean besides that, A webscreen normally should already have
retrieved the permissions set as part of the webscreen's Properties.