[OutSystems Workato Connector] Please remove dependency with OutSystemsUIWeb

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Published on 4 Aug (10 days ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 4 Aug (10 days ago) by OutSystems R&D

Hello team,

Here is request to remove Dependency with OutSystemsUIWeb.

When I try to install environment Workato Connector into environment,  OutSystemsUIWeb was incompatible, it cannot able to accesss Configulation Screen, due to following error;

If I cannot access to Configulation Screen, I cannot able to create APIKey for Workato.

It make huge impact to upgrade OutSystemsUIWeb, so we need to consider option to avoid using WorkatoConnector in current situation,

Hence,  could you kindly remove dependency with OutSystemsUIWeb, (Or able to open WorkatoConnector module and enable Refresh reference with OutSystemsUIWeb) so that it work independent with OutSystemsUIWeb version .


Ayumi Fukushima


This is an unfortunate situation, but I'm afraid removing the dependency on OutSystemsUIWeb is not viable.

Which version of OutSystemUiWeb do you have installed? I'm asking so I can consider which options I have to help you.


OutSystems UI Web Version is following;

Version 1.7.10

In most of cases, OutSystems UI Web upgrade may impact on existing application, so it is not easier to upgrade frequently just for WorkatoConnector.

Plus, I cannot refresh reference of WorkatoConnector, therefore I cannot even remove error by hand as workaround.(Workato Connector is Protected)

I hope there is other workaround, except Upgrade OutSystemsUIWeb.




Because I know updating OutSystems UI usually involves a lot of testing and takes up a significant amount of time, I've attached to this post a modified version of the OutSystems Workato Connector, version 1.2.10, that works with OutSystems UI Web 1.7.10.

That being said, we do not plan on supporting the OutSystems Workato Connector with old versions of OutSystems UI, so I urge you to consider updating your version of OutSystems UI, so you can get the benefits of any features we'll release in the future.

Another good reason why you should update your OutSystems UI is that version 1.7.10 has some known issues and was mark as discontinued.

Best regards,

João Pedro Abreu



Thank you for your feedback and Providing Module!!

Upgrading OutSystems UI Web may impact on entire environment...it will take a while to conceive internal team to allow OutSystems UI Web...

I will check it .