Import Processes into Service Studio


I'm doing research in the process mining area and I'm trying to do conformance between the process definition and the process instances.

The purpose is to find if the process definition is well defined by seeing if all the activities are being executed (among others things).

I've found a mined process that is a little bit different from the process definition, because one trace of this process is never executed.

I was wondering if it is possible to somehow import this mined process into the service studio automatically? In other words, can I create a new process in an existing .oml without drawing it manually?

I've created the new process in the DB, but (as I expected) it did not appear in the service studio.

Best Regards,
Carlos Mendes
Hi Carlos,

There is no functionality to import automatically processes to Service Studio.

When you say that you created a new process in the DB, you mean you created a new Process Definition? How exactly did you do that? By interacting with the OutSystems system tables?


Daniel Lourenço
Hi Daniel,

yes, I've created one Process Definition, one Activity Definition for each activity of the mined process and the related Activity_Def_Links in the OutSystems system tables.

Carlos Mendes