How to integrate Angular code in Outsystems


I am new to outsystems and trying to explore the tool. I wanted to know about How to Integrate Angular Code in outsystems. If any Documentation or Video is present how to Integrate it.




I never saw video or documentation explaining how to do that.

Why would you want to do this?



Hi Dhanya,

The idea of using outsystems is that you don't need to work with other technologies. If you try to integrate other technologies to do the job, you are not taking most of the advantages of outsystems accelerators. 

Ok, sometimes you need to use native languages to achieve what you want (in very specific cases), but it's not the common case.

So, just like Daniel wrote, why did you want to do this? If it's a very specific case, verify first if that can be done directly in outsystems, it's faster and easier to maintain. ;)

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira 

Hi Dhanya, 

I aagree with "@Daniel  and @Ricardo ".

can you explain more what you want achive or you just want try how to use angular?


Rahul Sahu